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Timbre SEVEN: Redefining American Hi-Fi

Timbre SEVEN: Redefining American Hi-Fi

This year at Leon, we set out with a big goal: to redefine American hi-fi. With 20 years of audio innovation under our belt, we took what we’ve learned over the past two decades to create a timeless piece that personified our journey and paid homage to our roots as musicians.

Our brand new Timbre SEVEN Series bookshelf speakers are the latest addition to our flagship SEVEN Series—and the perfect companion for the vinyl revolution.

Developed in collaboration with renowned recording artists, producers, and acoustic engineers, we partnered with the best in the business to create the new Timbre SEVENs. Working with world-class driver manufacturer SEAS in Norway, we developed brand new premium components, including handmade 7” aluminum cone woofers and 25mm cloth-dome tweeters mounted in a solid billet aluminum baffle. Powerful enough to bring immersive sound to spaces from two-channel listening rooms all the way up to larger living rooms, the TiSEVENs were meticulously tested in our on-site hemi-anechoic chamber to deliver a high-fidelity sound experience with studio accuracy.


Unlike any other bookshelf speakers out there, the Timbre SEVENs are handcrafted out of solid, reclaimed, Michigan butcher block, giving them a distinct, artisan look. In the prototyping phase, our engineers and product designers experimented with a variety of hardwoods and found that the butcher block had a density and stability that surpassed the other woods while providing a warm and robust sound. As with most of our products, the TiSEVENs can be custom-finished to match any paint color or wood tone, allowing the speakers to blend harmoniously into your home.

Recommended Listening

  1. And the War Came by Shakey Graves

  2. Black Moses by Issac Hayes

  3. Creep on Creepin' On by Timber Timbre

  4. They Say I'm Different by Betty Davis

  5. In Rainbows by Radiohead

Available Models

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