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Dealer Spotlight: Captive Audio in Austin, TX

Dealer Spotlight: Captive Audio in Austin, TX

We have Leon dealers all over the world and our ‘Dealer Spotlight’ series takes a closer look at some of the companies who sell our products to give insight into the Leon products they love and why they enjoy doing business with us. This month we spoke with Josh Golladay & Sarah Benkendorfer from Captive Audio in Austin, Texas.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Captive Audio: How long have you been in business? What type of projects do you typically take on?

A: Captive Audio has made a name for itself offering comprehensive, design-centric audiovisual solutions for high-end residences in and around Austin. The vast majority of our projects are for custom homes, so we work closely with interior designers, builders, and architects to design one-of-a-kind systems that fit the style and aesthetics of the home. Since our inception in 1994, we have evolved to fit the needs of the custom home industry and grown into a 22-person team, each member uniquely creative and knowledgeable in their field.

Q: How long have you been a Leon dealer for? 

A: We have been a Leon dealer since 2012. We can recall one of our early Leon projects for a home in San Antonio with a highly customized SEVEN Series theater system and Boundary speakers & subs customized to be installed behind a wood ceiling.

Q: What do you and/or your clients like most about our products?

A: What we like most about Leon is your ability to customize without compromising the quality and sound of the product. Even if we have a unique situation that requires a completely custom one-off solution, our first thought is “Leon can do that”. Austin is unique in that it is one of the most progressive architectural communities and also a city largely immersed in music, so our clients often want products that serve both purposes. Leon is the perfect solution.

Q: What's your favorite Leon product to specify and why? 

A: While we specify Horizon soundbars and TcFIT on a regular basis, the Edge Media Frame is probably one of our favorite products. It’s such a unique offering that brings a polished elegance to display locations in a home.

Q: In a world of trendy tech gadgets and endless off-the-shelf options, how do you convince your clients of the value of custom audio?

A: Primarily with a focus on the aesthetics and functionality, rather than price or performance. Having custom audio solutions that are designed to look great, work seamlessly, and integrate with the architecture and décor–this resonates much more with our client base than any technical specifications.


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